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“Sacrificial Heroes: Masculinity, Class, and Wastepicking in Iran” | Ethnography March 2022


“Pursuing Dignity in Crisis” | From the Square July 2020


“Dignity in the Time of Precarity” | International Journal of Middle East Studies May 2020


“How Iran’s Millennials are Grappling with Crippling U.S. Sanctions” | The Conversation | February 2020


“Embedded Enclaves: Cultural Mimicry and Urban Social Exclusion in Iran” | International Journal of Urban and Regional Research | June 2019


“Cultures of Conformity” | WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Academic Minute | September 2019

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“Tarnished Work: Dignity and Labor in Iran” | British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies | December 2018


“Aspirations, Poverty, and Behavior Among Youth in the Middle East" | The Muslim World  January 2017


“Perceived discrimination in U.S. healthcare" | Preventative Medicine Reports | 2015

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“Images of Iran's Youth: Living in the Islamic Republic” | Muftah | July 2011

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